Attacking Common Services - Attacking DNS

I have been stuck the this module assignment. ""Find all available DNS records for the “inlanefreight.htb” domain on the target name server and submit the flag found as a DNS record as the answer. Thus far, i have done the following:

  1. edited the /etc/hosts
  2. Used the following tools for subdomain enumeration “fierce” & “subfinder” & “subbrute”. and i have obtained a list of all the subdomains.
  3. I have obtained all the subdomain and attempted to use Dig AXFR to attempt zone transfer. in this step nothing is successful and i have used for example the following dig AXFR doing this i keep getting this error for anything i attempt

Connection to for failed: timed out. Connection to for failed: timed out. <<>> DiG 9.16.33-Debian <<>> AXFR (1 server found) global options: +cmd connection timed out; no servers could be reached Connection to for failed: timed out.

i have also attempted Dig any, but nothing worked so far.
what am i doing wrong?

I think you need to brute force axfr. I’ve done that module long time ago so I may be mistaken though.
UDP: yeah, I’ve just checked that. You need to BF axfr.

how did you end up resolving this?e

is it .com or .htb? When I use .htb I get a response .com I get not response, but subbrute hasn’t worked with .htb