Ascension Endgame

Discussion thread for the Ascension Endgame. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

got an s*** on the web… not sure what to do from here…

Same here :slight_smile: with this famous …-map -tool i get …-shell, but how further? Any little hint welcome!!!

Seems to have went dead shame as its a difficult challenge pm me plz if you would like to collab ont his box

Usual enumeration didn’t open much for me but managed to use **_***tree from the ***map shell to capture creds but the v2 hashes won’t crack with the two usual tools for me. Anyone that’s done this and have a nudge on how you got past this? Am I on a dead end with this route and missed something in web enum?

I’m having this same issue…not sure if this is a rabbit-hole or not, but can’t do anything with what I got from relaying…could someone DM me to help?

Alright, Ill let yall know where I’m at, as wonderful as s***ap is, I discovered it returned null with a very specific command when in reality it told you you could pretend to be something. I have yet to figure out how to format my pretending but that is most likely where you should go next.

Anyone got the first flag?

Anyone in here that can help with the next steps on this?

The challenge is Retired so I guess the official walktrhought will be available soon…