Artic write up problems.

I am noob and recently I engage by becom VIP and starting to hack retired machines. Specially, Windows boxes.

I had some problems with ARTIC. Exploit fails and I tried several things. At the end I check official write up which broken link. So, I cannot continue with the official write ap

I started to watch @ippsec video which always is always super knowledge. The problem is I cannot reproduce the Burpsuite part to gain foodhoold. He use an old version. I configured proxy to redirect, I configured msfconsole to run the exploit but in his burbsuite he receive an answer to repeat tab. So, I did something wrong. I think it is an interesting method the bursuite part and I would like to reproduce. So, anybody can confirm that this method still works on new version of burbsuite (2020.2). Thanks.

Forget about the burpsuite. It was a matter of reset and wait the amount of time to get request. But the writeup of @arrexel has broken link.