Are user.txt and root.txt hashes the flags?

I got invited to a series of challenges here for a job interview.

I got root on a machine, and I can read hashes in root.txt and user.txt. Are these supposed to be the flags? When I try to submit them I get an error…

Note that the conten of these files look like md5 hashes, they don’t look like HTB{} hashes like I’ve seen here before.

I’ve been root for a couple of hours and grepping/finding my way through the machine yields no other files with what looks like flags. There is no string like HTB{} on the box.

I also read a couple of other entries on this forum that say the user.txt and root.txt are generally the flags, so I guess I’m facing a technical issue.

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Hola, Me esta pasando lo mismo en la maquina Return no me toma la flag toot.txt

don’t forget to rank the difficulty on weird bar below. been there done that.

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Lo hice y persiste el problema :frowning:

Yeah still getting “Incorrect flag” error.

Can anyone confirm that user.txt and root.txt are generally the files containing the flags?

The flags of the Unix machines are typical the content of the file /home/xxx/user.txt and the content of the file /root/root.txt. (The user name xxx is not the same for the machines.)

Typical the flags of a machine looks like an MD5 hash, e.g. looks like 45416c3527d036c8bf30b2c49523f2f1 (this is not a correct flag of a machine).

The flags of a machine are dynamic flags. After each reset the flags are new generated. Hence, if you found a flag, you must send it thru the HTB web page before the next reset of the machine. Some hours later the flag will be changed after the next reset.

(The flags of the challanges typical have the format HTB{funy_t3xt} and are not dynamic.)


if its not a HTB machine, then I dunno…but sometimes on HTB machines you need to reset the machine and get the new flags for them to work. I’m not sure why, someone told me its cuz sometimes someone else will get the same flag and input it before you, dunno if thats the case. But I have had it where it wont work, and then I reset the machine, and it works, *shrug*