#Issue running command for impacket
‘python3 /usr/share/doc/python3-impacket/examples/ administrator@

I get an output of

[] Requesting shares on…
] Found writable share ADMIN$
[*] Uploading file KcKNVvNi.exe
[-] Error uploading file KcKNVvNi.exe, aborting…
[-] Error performing the installation, cleaning up: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

I run a ping to the entire time and I am not getting any packet loss

I stopped the python http server and the netcat listener re try the command and get the same results uploading the shell. Is there anything I should be looking at for this issue?

Are either of these discussions any use?

This question comes up a lot, so there are a lot of threads about it.

ty for the info @TazWake

looks like using was successful for me