Admirer Write-Up by T13nn3s

My write-up of the box Admirer. If you have any improvements or additions I would like to hear! I look forward to learning from you guys!

I just finished reading your Writeup on Admirer, I loved it! :sweat_smile: I don’t have any “criticism” on your blog or blog post, but I do actually have a compliment; I noticed in the side-bar that you have different things you post about, it’s mostly write-ups but occasionally involves something else, such as the “Cyber Security podcasts” or Scoring an A+ at with Citrix Access Gateway in 2020" (Congratulations by the way on that!) and I really like the this kind of flexible content! Keep up the good work.

Sorry I’m looking way too deep into this, lol. I just like it a lot.

Thanks, @PapyrusTheGuru, for this compliment! This gives me positive energy to proceed with my blog and keep learning and writing.

@T13nn3s I’m happy it does! Keep up the good work.

It’s a very good write up.

My only suggestion would be to elaborate on how you modified the python path so it calls your malicious script rather than the legitimate one.

TazWake, thanks for the suggestion! I learn a lot from these suggestions. Learn a lot from it!

Hey… that’s a wonderful write-up. Keep it up. :slight_smile: I enjoyed it.

@gunroot, thanks!!