Academy - Windows Privilege Escalation - Pillaging

I have figured out the hash, if it is a format error why not just say it, this is just a learning rather than a challenge, why not directly issue the format, I have spent a lot of time for this, I really want to spit on the author

Hey, you will read the exercise in the section again. There is the answer were you find the file with the cookies. If you need mor help DM me.


Yes have finished the module already

There are more then one backup DIR \Windows\System32\config, check all

How did you do the restore? I found the password for restic.exe but it says it is the wrong password. It was right when I answered the question to backup password.

for any one stuck in the backup part, just check the modified date of the file you need to dump and chose the last updated one .

check this box

Passwords for users were changed overtime. Hash you submit as answer is outdated. Restore the most recent backup and grab the hash from there.

They are looking for the NT part of hash only!