3D-Printable HTB Logo

I made a 3D-printable Hack The Box logo plate with raised graphics, and figured I should share it. You can grab it from Thingiverse: Hack The Box Logo Plate by Arrexel - Thingiverse

Steps to recreate (in Fusion 360):

  • Convert logo to svg (multiple tools available online)
  • Insert > Insert SVG
  • Select all of the content that should be raised (don’t raise the empty space inside letters like a, B, o, etc) and raise it to 3mm
  • Create a box with an extra 5mm around each edge of the logo, 1.5mm tall
  • Duplicate this box and move it up 1.5mm
  • Shell the top box with 3mm wall thickness

Is there HTB swag available…? :slight_smile: