WORKAROUND - Server-Side Attacks: Libapache2-mod-jk - Package Unavailable

So this is a workaround I found for a problem I had in the Server-Side Attacks module in HTB Academy. Leaving this here in the hopes others with the same issue will find it.

The issue specifically is on this page

On page 4, ‘Apache Reverse Proxy & AJP’, there’s a series of instructions that tells you to sudo apt install libapache2-mod-jk However when I ran this on my Kali VM I got E: Unable to locate package libapache2-mod-jk According to this page, it looks like this package was removed from Kali’s repo in August 2022 Kali Linux Package Tracker - libapache-mod-jk.

I was able to get this package to install by adding a Debian repo to my sources.list file.

Go to this page and select your architecture (probably amd64):

Open up your sources.list file: vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Append to the end: deb buster main
-Replace ‘’ with your mirror

Save the file

sudo apt update

sudo apt install libapache2-mod-jk

I’m still pretty much a noob and I don’t know if this will break anything or if this is the right way of doing this. Do this at your own risk. If anybody else knows more about this, or knows the proper workaround, please reply below