WHY so few new challenges?

I wonder why there are so few new challenges? Looking at the machines, there is nearly new machine every week. Can’t the same process for “CHALLENGES” submission be used?

Everybody would benefit from it (creators and “challengees”).


Its already on the to-do list to create a challenge submission system

Nice :+1: thanks for response. Any ETA? A rough idea I mean? We talking weeks or months?

I would be happy to put in a challenge based on the usual… but it takes a bit of time and to be honest, there are a quite a few clever folks here, so finding something new is… tough!

What I have done in the past is the usual stego / encoding / usual image hiding techniques.

Can we all submit challenges by the way, or only peeps with certain status/levels?

Hopefully the new submission process will address this, as per CH4P. I could not agree more, this community is full of clever folks. Point is the more practice the better we can all get. Also, some newbies, can come up with ideas that others have not thought of before.

Looking forward to the new submission system for challenges.

The real question should be is when will a @ch4p created box be released again?

@delo I want so much to create a box, I am just so tied up right now that I don’t find the time :pensive: I promise though that a new box will come in the near future!

@ch4p, it looks that you managed to implement the new submission system, but there is lots of them submitted and not many evaluated/released. I presume you guys so busy, hence the backlog?

They’re also trying to work on a new system where challenges get retired like the machines, which will allow people to do write-ups on them so people can actually learn how to complete them. They’re also trying to incorporate a first blood system for challenges as well

sounds great :+1: Looking forward. Thanks for the update @Skunkfoot.

I think it should be considered to introduce additional level of access for paying members, I mean 1 plan that encompasses everything (all pro labs etc).

Thanks again for great site.