Who use ArchLinux

Hi, I wanted to ask these questions:
Who uses ArchLinux
What tools do you use?
And how do you work:
Virtual machine?
Direct machine

I have manjaro i3 with blackarch repositories on my laptop. I’m not totally satisfied, it’s tough to setup veil and msfconsole without bugs.

i have i5 7th on arch. and yeah it is hard to setup.
and all time when i can try repos of BlackArch. I have broken my pacman.
i search any form to get tools on arch.

well I meant I3wm the desktop. Im pretty sure you can find help on blackarch discord

nah, i no want help.
i make alone…


Hi, Blackarch on laptop & Kali Linux on VMware Player

Here All PKGBUILD of BlackArch blackarch/packages at master · BlackArch/blackarch · GitHub

ArchLinux has a fantastic user forum and wiki and with AUR a big amount of packages. But this is also its weakness imo, that many packages are poorly tested and might fail on you, rendering the system broken. Still, since it has such a big community, you will always find help.

Every once in a while i try out Arch, but keep coming back to my little Debian system. =)

For all my pentesting tools, i am using docker images. So in this regard i am indepedent of the OS.

using docker is a smart idea; I agree for all. Now I did setup Phantom-evasion: works except apk tools. About Veil, I gave up. I assume my dream OS is a light Debian with i3wm and katoolin. (not tested yet)