What application do I use on Parrot security to attack machines

im a noob yes…

@Om3gaDurpCat said:

im a noob yes…

I am not sure there is a way to answer this. There isn’t an “attack all the things” application.

You will use different applications to do different things as you attack different boxes.

If you want to attack machines … yes … "Many machines on Ixt "… you might want to get in touch with John Connor. heh… No the last reply was on the money - there are many tools. Just start by carefully following the .pdf walkthroughs in Startingpoint. If you don’t want to get really annoyed, pay for the next level membership - still only around 20 american/month. Then the machine you’re playing is yours, not yours and 12 or 100 other hackers… in there fking things up real good so you can’t make progress… lol