[WEB] interdimensional internet

Hey guys, I have calculated the “dark matter” from the website. But the system told me i got a wrong flag when i submit it. Is is a fake flag? If it is, let me know,plz.Thanks.

Sorry. I realize that I made a mistake in my script. I finnally got the flag after i fix the bug. It’s a really nice web challenge

Hello All

I spend lot of times for this challenge

I have requested the app with the good ‘parameters’
I have encoded, and have escaped the dumb chars

And now nothing in the return page, nothing new except the original source code
I check the cookies nothing :confused:

But with Burp I make a ‘time.sleep’ with success :wink:
Need help please

if you can make it sleep, you’ve got one technique you can use to get information when you are ‘blind’

Ok Thanks for your answer :wink:

I’ll already test with time.sleep()
and that works

but we can’t make some os.system or popen requests ? :confused:
It looks like more Hard than easy challenge