Two Distinct Hall of fame

As you know I hate make challenges.
I like this platform because it is born to hack the boxes, not challenges (infact the name is hackthebox not hackthechallenge :))…

For this reason I suggest to take the challenges separated from boxes, and create 2 distinct hall of fames, 1 for challs and 1 for boxes.

Thanks a lot


i was like you, but I tried some web challenges, and it’s awesome. I learnt a lot.

yes sure. I don’t want to eliminate the challenges but just keep the two things separate. I don’t think it’s right that a person who solves all the boxes can’t be in top10 because of the challenges, and I repeat here too, there would be nothing wrong to have 30 people in first place, if all 30 if they deserve it.

I see your point, but then there are 3 hall of fames. The retired boxes (VIP), the boxes, and the challenges. I would think two HOF is enough. I have been loving the challenges and they have contributed quick bite sized bits of knowledge that I will use from here on out. I know you are saying just keep them separate so it is easier for people to get into the top ten but it should be really hard to get to that spot. Right? To me the challenges are in the same sprite as the boxes they are just highly focused hacks. Just my two cents - but who am i?

in reality, I didn’t talk about difficulties or facilitates. I was only talking about consistency with the platform name. There are millions of sites that offer challenges, but few platforms that offer virtual labs with whole vms. Now, from my point of view, the challenges could burst on a separate site, for example “hack the challegne”, because they have little to do with the initial nature of the platform. But in order not to be extremist, it is good for me to stay here, but at least to keep the two things separate. I repeat, it’s not a matter of ease or difficulty, but simply of personal taste, I don’t like it and I don’t see why to be at the top I have to do it.