Troubles with Horizontall

I’m having troubles with my first box (Horizontall). I know I have to be able to access api-prod.horizontall.htb, but i am unable to resolve this URL. I have added horizontall.htb to my /etc/hosts file and I can access the http://horizontall.htb page just fine, I just can’t access the subdomain at all (i’ve seen walkthroughs of people simply putting this URL in their browser and getting a Welcome page, but for me it says the page doesn’t exit)

Why am I not able to access this subdomain? (and please let me know if there is a better question for simple questions like this, I am very new to HTB)

Hey. I dont know if the official Horizontall machine forum is still up or not after horizontall was retired but that might be a better place to ask. I will PM you a suggestion that might help. No promises though (I dont want anyone to click on this and to give potential spoilers?)