Telegram Group

Hi guys, we have created a HackTheBox telegram group for chat about it… hope to see u all guys soon…


yea my mistake

thats the link

@n00bnoo0b said:
Telegram: Contact @HackTheBox

cool !

Error there is no telegram account with this username

This chat doesnot seem to exist

if u are facing problem than join this


Same problem.

Link expired.

Bruh link expired

Yep, we need a new link or a new group

Nvm, found a group with 600+ members!

Here’s the link

Unofficial group (just to learn together)
Click here to Join telegram unofficial group

Why I am not able to join official even unofficial group of hackthebox via telegram doesn’t all these groups is still available to join? or is there any gb WhatsApp Apk group is available to join?