Stucked for user on Sunday

Hi guys! I am trying to get access to the machine but I didn’t find a way to get in. I found 3 services running and users on the machine, but now? The way to get in is really obvious but what about the user’s password? Do you have any hint? Someone can DM me to take a little discussion if I am doing right? Thanks!

Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

Takao, many thanks for the help but more than a simple help is a detailed spoiler so I have to report it. I am really sorry! Lucky, I already found that way to access but what I missed was the right way to found the password for the user.

Hint: it’s in a popular wordlist

Many thanks to everyone I solved it :slight_smile:

It’s good to know but something bad for me, i know “the password” because of this evident thread, i got user, but how is supposed that you did get “the password” for sunny? pm please!

@9999volts often you can use a brute force attack to discover passwords but, sometimes, you can discover it in other ways. An user gave me the hint: the password is in front of your face. So, I taken a look to the users and I tought about the usernames, so I solved it. Now “thanks to” this thread you know the password. You have just to link the password with the right user, using the logic, no brute force or something :slight_smile: