starting web server with npm

sir thank you very much. You saved me from losing hours. This really is a poorly worded question. Seems almost intentional.

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thanks <3

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Besides the hints mentioned above I would like to add one more.

Try on the local pwnbox and not in SSH

I highly suggest carefully reading this post and going to the page.

hello, everyone, I would like to help with this challenge
step 1 type this :(npm install -g http-server) after this u need to type :(http-server -p 8080)

Note: you can change to any port you want for example (http-server -p 8000)

so the answer of the question “Find a way to start a simple HTTP server inside Pwnbox or your local VM using “npm”. Submit the command that starts the web server on port 8080 (use the short argument to specify the port number).” of HTB-Academy is

Answer: “http-server -p 8080”

answered prayers! thank you for the help

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That helped! I thought I was stupid for not being able to figure it out.

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