Starting Point: Markup

I am getting an ambiguous error. attached is the

screenshot. I have tried with quotes around the path but still does not pass without error.
This is the part of “Markup” where the user writes over the job.bat and waits for the job.bat to execute and the reverse shell is caught. I am not getting a shell because of this error. ty

echo “the-stuff-you-want-to-write” >…
It handles -e as a parameter to echo not to nc judging by the logs
I mean add the quotes around the echo parameter

I tried various ways with the “” but nothing worked. I ended up finding a plain text password that allowed me for root. Ty.

I see you found a workaround, but for future reference you have to exit PowerShell by typing exit, and it’ll return the original prompt, which is where you’re supposed to type the command. NOT in the PowerShell prompt. I had the same problem.