Starting point connection refused

Hey guys, I am almost all the way through this (first) machine - except the connection to the remote machine from is always refused. I installed UFW and set the rule that allowed tcp to all as per the walk through and I have changed the IP to the one that is being reported in ifconfig under tun0 ( in my case) which is the same one that was in the shell script etc, have battled all the way through this including installing impacket etc and just can not get this working.

ANY help over what I have obviously done wrong would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. administrator@
Impacket v0.9.22.dev1+20200813.221956.1c893884 - copyright 2020 SecureAuth Corporation

[-] [Errno Connection error (] [Errno111] Connection refused

Hey, I have the same Problem. Did you find a solution for that?

If you’re doing the starting point walkthrough the IP for that portion is You shouldn’t have to make anything match the IP on your attack box at that step. administrator@ and it should ask for the creeds you got earlier in the walkthrough