Hi, I’m struggling with the first question. The question is as follows:

Connect to the database using the MySQL client from the command line. Use the 'show databases;' command to list databases in the DBMS. What is the name of the first database?

In the Cheat Sheet, the command for login to mysql database is mysql -u root -h docker.hackthebox.eu -P 3306 -p

Above the question, it says (heads up: instead of writing the actual IP, I will just write the word ‘IP’ here):
Authenticate to 'IP' with user "root" and password "password"

So, I go to Bash, and type in the command below (where I write the actual IP numbers I will just write the word ‘IP’ here):
mysql -u root -h IP -P 3306 -p

I press the Enter key and I’m asked to Enter password:

So I enter the password and get the error below (again, where the IP is actually displayed I will just write the word ‘IP’ here):
ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'IP' (-2)

Can someone give me a hand please?

In an “Interactive Section with Target” of the academy. You have to spawn (start) your docker target before. Then you get the IP number and the port number of the docker container with your target, in this question the target is the database server.

You can repeat the module “Introduction to Academy”. This introduction explains the usage of the interactive sections.

Thanks a lot @xtal