Spoilers in retired machine descriptions

I’m doing random machines whenever I get some free time, and since I don’t really care about point chasing I do both retired and seasonal machines.

However what I’ve noticed is that in several machines the About section under Machine Information contains the full spoiler/walkthrough of the machine, is that intentional?

Retired or not, I would prefer to not accidentally read the entire solution but still be able to catch any contextual information that might be relevant for the machine in the About section.

One such machine is Cascade for instance, Cascade :: Machine Information where it outlines the entire vulnerability and exploitation process in the About section.

Should I just never read the Machine Information tab at all before completing a machine?

IMO that information doesn’t belong there but rather only in the official write-up, but maybe I’m missing something/have misunderstood where I’m expected to find spoilers.

I agree I have noticed this too. I want to get some info about what to maybe expect but in very broad terms without details that spoil it.

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