Sneakprobe scanner version 2.0.1 update content and user manual

0x01 Sneakprobe scanner URL:

Sneakprobe’s Scan official website

0x02 Sneakprobe scanner features :

Adopt a new page style, the entire site adopts a dark color style, and the language is English

Has memcache, smb, wmi, vnc, telnet, rdp service blasting functions

Number of plug-ins, currently there are 5,000+ plug-ins

Add scan targets in batches

Customize what to scan

Database blasting, including MSSQL, ftp, orcale, postgresql

0x03 New version user manual:

Specific usage details can be viewed at GitHub - BwwTeam/Sneakprobe: A powerful and free web scanner with built-in 5000+ POC