Skills Assigment - Pivoting, Tunneling, and Port Forwarding

Pretty straight forward, and you don’t need to install tools on the machines.

when connecting with rdp you can connect with a shared drive on your kali machine.

xfreerdp /v:IP /u:USERNAME /p:PASSWORD +clipboard /dynamic-resolution /drive:/usr/share/windows-resources,share

/usr/share/windows-resources contains a lot of useful stuff when it comes to windows. “share” is how it will be named.

Dont change anything except what is in CAPS.

I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is what you mean. This assessment is killing me…I can RDP into the .5.35 machine, but it drops out and I have to restart the connection after 30-45 seconds. It is extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any idea what this is, or how I can get it to stop, or at least last five minutes to get anything done?

Figured out that if I used keep alive for the ssh connection it kept the rdp open as well. Hopefully that helps someone to not smash their computer like I wanted to!

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Can anyone help me?

I am in the 5.35 machine, got the credentials for vfrank and when trying to rdp to 6.25 with them it keeps saying logging error. I have tried domain/username, username alone and nothing seems to work

I am trying to RDP to INLANEFREIGHT.LOCAL/vfrank with the pass * ImplX wXt UnmXskedX *

Nvm im just a moron had to log in to INLANEFREIGHT.LOCAL\vfrank

I need help plz dm me if some one can help me

so when u logged into vfrank . did u not see another range ? i see and then i find but i can not connect to it and i have no idea what to do . i tried everything but no result . any hints ?

Hmmm, I can’t seem to figure out how to carry mimikatz.
I have read the educational material and it shows how to proxy, but not how to carry mimikatz.
So I don’t know how to do it.
Is there anything that can help me?

In previous pentests against Inlanefreight, we have seen that they have a bad habit of utilizing accounts with services in a way that exposes the users credentials and the network as a whole. What user is vulnerable?

I cannot proceed from this issue.
Can someone DM me a hint?

its work not Work.