SHELLS & PAYLOADS - Anatomy of a Shell

Probably a version mismatch?
I tried 7.x.x until 7.3.x but it doesnt work.

Submit the Edition, not the Version


how did you answer first question? thank you

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Open PowerShell with the command pwsh

It helps reading the hints as well. They dont hurt. Part of the learning process just make sure to take notes. The first question was annoying since it only takes the answer as 1st & 2nd and not 2nd & 1st which is still correct answer but, they want the answer in order of use in the module.

Con you give a hand.
I posted


no one works. I found the two languages, i am sure, because it’s easy, all is explained in the section.

But when i type the answer, always give me "brong answer. "

So i tested other types to format the answer, like:

name1 & name2
name2 & name1

Etc., but nothing works.

Can you give a hand about the format ?

Hi, Can you give a tip. What is the correct syntax?

Hi, correct format is b…&p…s…l (the second language should be in full form)

for first dont adds shell in front of both name. for 2nd question when you use command look for word by word at question.