SEO Analysis Tools

Hello, I’m still studying SEO and now I’m trying to figure out which tools to choose for analysis.

Can anyone recommend me any useful backlink analysis tools?
I want to create backlinks for my website.

For backlink analylis, I’d suggest Ahrefs and SEMrush - both are comprehensive tools that provide detailed insights into backlinks and can also help you find opportunities. Majestic is another good choice, especially for its historical link data.

Personally, I’ve found tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to be quite helpful in understanding my backlink profile and keeping an eye on my competitors’ backlinks.They offer useful insights and data that can help you strategize your own backlink-building efforts. But remember, having a variety of tools in your SEO arsenal can be beneficial, as each one brings its own unique features to the table.Speaking of tools, I’ve recently discovered a website audit tool called Spider from Netpeak Software, that quickly checks SEO issues for websites of all sizes, offering comprehensive site analysis in just minutes. You can try it, I think it will be of great help to you.

It depends somewhat on how deep your pockets are, as mention Ahrefs and SEMruch are market leaders, however they come at a price. SEMruch starts at around $130 a month, and Ahrefs $100.

SEMrush used to offer a free 7 day trail - not sure if they still do.