Seeking Careers as hacker

Hello everyone,
I am almost new to hacking world and i really consider make hacking my main source of income by finding a job on cyber security.
I have come along some Bug Bounty Hunter modules and also Pentester modules but the only thing that matters is your opinion about which one of them is the most wanted path?

What are the Positives and what are the negatives of each path?
I would really like to hear anyone’s opinion.

Hey. I’m a beginner as well. I started off with the bug bounty modules. And tried the methodology on some bug bounty sites and was actually able to achieve something. But I would always get stuck and not know where to pivot to or what to do next during my assessment and so I started the pentesting path and am getting a much deeper understanding of what is required of me as a hacker. I would say do both but start with the pentesting path.

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Yes indeed i started with basic toolset first and pentesting as main. Bug bounty would be something like a good ‘‘extra’’ income lets say. I’m looking forward to hear the opinion of professionals.
Thanks for your answer!


off rip gang :sunglasses:

Hi all, i am a student in my final year studying a BsC in IT Network & Security Engineering, i will be attempting to gain the PenTester cert by June/Jully in order to apply for some junior level Cyber postions in Dec :slight_smile:

Abit of honesty, i really hope this cert will get me more hands on, in order to feel less imposter like and more valued when finding a full time job :smiley: After an overwiew and pricing check, i stuck with this cert and i really hope it gets me into the entry level.

Any advise is always welcome !

Hope you all the best to all those that are starting aswell, if anyone wants to learn and work together at somepoint, im keen to help and learn as much as possible :smiley:

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