"Secure Digital" challenge

Edit: Yes, I messed something up in Logic 2. Had selected the wrong parameters for the analyzer, which gave “almost” correct results.

Hi there,

I’m currently on the “Intro to Hardware Hacking” track and stuck on the “Secure Digital” challenge: I loaded the trace, added an SPI analyzer and exported the MISO channel to a binary file to look at it in a hex editor.

At first glance it looks like a FAT, but it seems to be a very broken (or obfuscated?) one. Decoding the directory entries, I get starting clusters of 5+. But the trace only contains a few sectors.

Ok, well, then there is some text starting with “HTB…” but it’s missing the “{”, although it ends with a “}”. Then, there is a new line and a string of same length, starting with “ÈTB”, but completely missing the curly braces, but some characters are the same in the same position as in the first string.

Going by votes this challenge should even be easier than the first three, which I was able to finish. I don’t know how to continue from here. My best guess currently is that I messed up the export from Logic 2… but I don’t see anything that I could be done differently. Am I supposed to somehow combine the two strings? I tried that in some ways but to no success…