Seal Write-up by evyatar9

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To solve this machine, we begin by enumerating open services – finding the ports 22,443 and 8080.

User 1: Found luis credentials (On seal_market commit) to GitBucket portal, From there, We found nginx configuration with Nginx off-by-slash fail misconfiguration, Use that to access to tomcat manager page to upload a reverse shell on war file and we get a shell as tomcat user.

User 2: Found backup playbook (on /opt/backups/playbook/run.yml) with copy_links=yes, Create a file with symlink to /home/luis/.ssh/id_rsa to get the SSH private key of luis.

Root: By running sudo -l we found /usr/bin/ansible-playbook, Using that, we create a playbook to get a reverse shell as root.