Stuck at last step for user, need a nudge. PM please

user? @mrdebator? just enumerate it again and again find the one that’s in front of you, but something that’s not something your supose to find!!! hahahaha

not: just report this if it’s a spoiler!!

initial shell:
scan harder!!!
just enumerate it harder!
ask google for answere!
just report it as spoiler if it is too much!

I’m very stucked, in r***s service, I would appreciate your help!!

bro don’t stick to one instead capitalized the available results that you have maybe you can use it to gain a shell remember! google is your friend in this stage!

Cracked s** ky but don’t know how to use it. Every s** lg*n attempt fails.

PS - report if spoiler

Can’t get the reverse shell to work… Just says Warning! Webmin has detected that the program…

Any hints?

DONE IT !.. Good box.

Spoiler Removed

Spoiler Removed

So I was able to skip user altogether ._.
Initial foothold → Root
PM me how you got user after initial.

nvm, I derped

rooted! thanks to hackerB31 and jpcweb for the hints!

Am beginner of HTB. I tried R**** exploit. Reverse, interactive shell and R****-CLI not connecting.
What should i do help me.? Which website’s document is correct for R**** exploit…

I exploited re*** and find backup user . Who can tell me what is next step ?

i got the i*_r**.b** file but i dont get any results using the common way for processing and cracking this type of file. is there anything i am missing?

uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
Very Easy box. PM me for nudges

I found that the box is acting different not then it did a week ago… a week ago once I got the user password I could ssh in… not it just closes the shell (maybe someone changed it wit their attempts)… with no shell being the proper config (via a reset), then I just used an alternate path with the user creds to get access to a service on the system… once in, then typical CVE to gain root. good box… Thanks! I’ve also found that not using the defaults for ports etc on reverse shells helps a lot prevents you from colliding with other users at the same time

Spoiler Removed

Sure it is not a cheating…

Rooted. PM for nudges.