Paths and exams

To what extent do the HTB Academy paths cover the technical knowledge required to pass the HTB exams ?

Eg. is there technical material in the exams which is not covered on the paths ?

Hey, I can only speak to the CBBH path. It is fantastic, although I would definitely recommend doing the BurpSuite Security Academy after it. Both courses compliment each other really well. The CBBH has higher quality and more in-depth learning materials. However, the BurpSuite Academy has some great challenges, and a mystery challenge function that will help prep you for the exam by presenting a more realistic testing environment by giving you a random challenge.

So long answer above made short, the path covers everything you need to know. But practice makes perfect and BurpSuite Academy adds value in that way.

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…is what I was looking for.

Although I’m interested in the CPTS Path/Cert so anyone with experience/knowledge of that’d be good to hear from.

and I could have phrased the question better so for anyone else:

Assuming you understand it and can use it, Is the knowledge covered in the paths sufficient to pass the exams ?

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