Password Attacks | Academy

Can anybody give me a hint to Password/reuse/Default passwords chapter where I need to find mySQL credentials? I’m able to login as sam. Tried variations of sam and mutation variants of sam ssh password using hydra and ssh pivoting.

You just need to use google a little, the answer is hidden on the surface

Hey man in the future its the same lol i am having same problems as you any hints?

hey bro did you find the pass for mysql i am stuck in the same problem

Make sure to read the module thoroughly.

thanks i did get everything now stuck at easy lab tired all the users from the inlane website even root no luck idk if i am using the wrong pass list or anything else am i missing any new perspective on this??

Unfortunately, you just need to be patient. The default resources given work for easy lab. Increase your threads in Hydra. You’ll get it eventually. dm if you need more help.