OSCP registration questions

Hello everyone, I have been preparing to take the OSCP test for a while. The current progress is to read the VHL PDF and perform some exercises (only 3 machines have been completed), TRYHACKME OSCP path, HTB 20 machines

  1. I don’t know if I am ready to sign up for OSCP for course training, because almost all of the machines mentioned above refer to the prompts on the Internet. I can’t crack it by myself, but I will make sure that I know the prompts after I crack the machine. What is the significance of each step in the above, do you recommend me to register for the course now? Or continue to practice the machines on the above platform?

  2. The main purpose of signing up for OSCP is to get the course materials (PDF) to read. May I ask if I have to work hard to crack OSCP PWNLAB after signing up?, or I should finish reading the OSCP PDF textbook and continue to complete the VHL and HTB remaining machines ?