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Would also send me a PM? I tried on many ways but couldn’t solve it

Could anyone PM me and look over my code? I understand the vulnerability but am getting strange output.

someone has a hint? i have strange output.

@shad0w0lf said:

someone has a hint? i have strange output.

Read the code and look into the provided output file.

@R4j Enjoyed the challenge. Something everyone should learn to do manually.

@HomeSen - thx for the hint - solved it - carefully reading :wink:

may anyone give me hint

hello hello was a nice challenge XD for a hint what i did to understand the script always try to put a print on each variable so u can know what the script does

going for other challenges as well

N!ce easy Challenge and it’s done.

Read the code, and find a way to decrypt the flag. cyberchef will not help you this time, but python yes .

I need help, can someone PM me?

I’m hitting a big wall with this one. Would anyone mind PMing me a hint? thank you

Pay close attention to what the source code says it does. Then you can use this encode a known-plaintext which gives you a crib you can use to decode the rest of the string.

Very easy challenge. For people who might have trouble I would recommend going to and doing the You either know, XOR you don't challenge it has good hints for this

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can someone give me a hint?

Hey Guys, any chance of a hint, I understand what the code is doing but I am at a loss at to what to do

I solved this challenge completely manual - actually I’ve done most of it with pen and paper. I am not sure if this is an intended way to solve it, but I’m not that good with python yet, so this was the easiest way for me to go. I would really appreciate it if someone could PM me, so I can analyze their way of solving this challenge by programming (or to send them my poor code-ideas and have a chat about what I’ve done wrong) :slight_smile:

@Kati if you want you can PM me.

A hint, the XOR has the following properties

A ⊕ A = 0 and is an associative function so
A ⊕ (B ⊕ C) = (A ⊕ B) ⊕ C

There is some stuff you should already know from previous challenges too that might help

Hi! I have a script worked out and it tells me it finds the key. But its the wrong key(i think). Can I dm anyone for some tips on what is wrong?

Solved manually.

As @Fukurou pointed: XOR is used for symmetric encryption where the same key is used to both encrypt and decrypt a message…

You already know how the flag looks like :expressionless: