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Thank you! that URL/.git part was what I was missing.

Hey sorry for the delay but i’mm away for the holidays. If you give me some time i can help for sure.

If you are still working on this, or have decided to come back to this machine, Google how you can ingject malicious code into a csproj file. If you still need assistance DM please and I can help you :slight_smile:

I know what to do, but I don’t know how to do it. I need help.

I can see a certain service running under a service account but Enox cannot stop/restart the service. I can only think to overwrite the service exe and restart it, don’t have any other ideas.

This is the only thing that makes sense to me. The package’s scripts/exes seem to do nothing to stop it either.

Hey guys, I know what I am supposed to do (exploit the web application functionality to get an initial foothold) but when I use my method to achieve it I get an error during the building process (It succeeds when I remove my modifications). Can anyone help me get further or figure out what is wrong?

EDIT: I am able to a script to the server (I get a code of 200) but my ncat listener does not get a shell, moreover on the application I get the message “[ x] Your build has timed out. Please submit again.”

HI there!

I just rooted this box with the info from this thread. These 2 comments are probably the most helpful:

Execute this from your ‘fakerepo’ directory:

cd .git && git --bare update-server-info; cd ..

And the following:

When providing the url, use: http://myip:8000/repo/.git/ 20

It’s possible to do this via gitea, but that was kinda a pain for me.