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Official discussion thread for The secret of a Queen. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Nice easy challenge, description keywords + google search = solved, i saw many dislikes why?

@alienum said:

i saw many dislikes why?

I agree - it certainly isn’t any worse than any other Challenge. It is straightforward, maybe its the manual effort people are upset about…

idk why people give dislike but i think its not bad, like simple ctf crypto challenge(and it must be in crypto category i think)
thanks for this challenge @brutale1602 i didnt solve this before :slight_smile:

Very easy challenge, but doesn’t deserve the dislikes.

Thank you guys! This is the first challenge that I publish. As for the dislike, evidently did not like the fact of making a manual effort, as @TazWake said. In any case, in addition to the challenge itself, I recommend reading the historical part briefly, I found it very interesting. Thanks again to everyone!

For what its worth, @brutale1602, I liked it. The manual effort was minimal and it was an interesting topic to pick.

The way people give thumbs up/down (or mark boxes) makes no sense to me at the best of times.

@brutale1602 Enjoyed this. Thank you for the history lesson.

I think it is perfect challenge for absolute beginners. It is easy, teaches some crypto history and gives gratification right away.

I agree with everyone here, really simple challenge, but really interesting. I think that this teaches a bit more about where our super secure and modern crypto algorithms come from. Really interesting.

Grazie @brutale1602, fregatene dei dislikes! :smiley:

Thank you, now I know that If the Queen places her handbag on the table at dinner, it is a sign she wishes the event to end in the next five minutes.

ps. in order to solve don’t follow my comment, you risk getting stuck in a rabbit hole :wink:

good challenge

Very Simple and never solved this kind before

It’s just awesome. Upvote! And seriously, what are all those downvotes?

Grazie @UGlz ?

Downvotes may be due to the fact that HTB flag submissions are case sensitive. There’s several different formats the flag could be, and that’s a bit annoying.

I managed to decode the crypt, but Still something is missing…

@Dostora said:

I managed to decode the crypt, but Still something is missing…
Check you decoded it properly.

Great challenge to get back into the mindset of HTB.
I had a bit of trouble wit the flag both cause I forgot it’s HTB{xxx} I did HTB[xxx] and it was case sensitive.
otherwise good easy challenge.

Hi I am new here can anyone give any hint about the challenge. Any hint . Please PM me if you already cracked the challenge I need help.