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Official discussion thread for Talkative. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Doesn’t seem very talkative in here :slight_smile:

I am stuck on root. Got user. If you need help to get to user, you can pm me.

Nice work getting user!

I see you got root already. Can you give me a small nudge in the right direction?

Sure, u can PM me

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ahah true XD

Rooted this box thanks for it JD and TCG :>

ok nevermind, got something :wink:

nvm got it :slight_smile:

Really nice box here!

Nudges (let me me if that spoil!)
User: Enumeration enumeration enumeration, find the logic and understand how each app are interconnected to pivot until finding the flag.
Root: Take a close look at running processes, once you find the one you can quickly pivot again, exploit cve and grab the flag :slight_smile:

Quick question for those whose finished it. I managed to grab the root flag but can’t seems to find a way to extract the ssh private key of root . Any idea how it’s possible ?

Hello everyone !

I’m stuck on User. I already “pwned” 2 services but stuck when trying to get foothold on the third one. Got a s—l on b—t c–t----r. But after many tries of enumeration I have no clue where to look. If anyone has a little hint to put me in the right direction that would be nice !

DM me if you want !

Thank you and happy hacking

It is possible to do an arbitrary write …

root@talkative:~# id; hostname;date
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
Fri 29 Apr 2022 05:26:52 PM UTC

Yes got it in the end :smiley:
Can fully close this box now…

Nice :+1:

The b*** login displays an error even though the password should be correct. Is that intended or is it a bug in the machine?

Did you figure that out?

i pretty much left this box when that happened… i honestly don’t know. i was hoping for someone who solved it to answer

Haha, right, I was pretty ■■■■ frustrated myself. I managed to get past it. It’s not an error. Right creds? :slight_smile: