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Searching for the RPC URL mentioned in the docks

{docker_host_IPaddress:port}/rpc web endpoint results in:

error 405 “Method not allowed”

Is that apart of the challenge?

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Why is a woman fighting monsters?

I have the same situation : when deploying an initial contract using RPC URL spawned ip and port always I get an error: 405 “Method not allowed”. What I’m doing wrong? Can anybody give me a nudge?

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No.It’s not a part of the challenge. I finally figured out this challenge and managed to overcome 405 error. In my case it was incorrect address. I used / instead of /rpc and of course I got always 405 error.

If someone is new to these kinds of challenges, the first challenge contains a docs section (in the top left corner) with very useful information for getting started.

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Hello When I try to interact with the smart-contract I have this error : (code: -32000, message: intrinsic gas too high, data: None)

cast send 0x2A2E32Fa3c21646DD4D4cba5827Adec43a6d9C1D “strongAttack(uint256)” 20 --rpc-url --private-key 0xd5fc936a17b635f0b7fd8d3c3cb2641f60e0cf51e9149761c501a11fb6ee4976

(code: -32000, message: intrinsic gas too high, data: None)

What I do badly ?

hello! I can’t find the docs you are referring to. Can you please provide me a screenshot or a link?

startup the docker instance and then go to http://<YOUR-INSTANCE>/docs or to home and youll find in in the top left corner.

can someone help me with this error i get when trying to cast send
server returned an error response: error code -32602: unknown field input , expected one of from , to , gasPrice , maxFeePerGas , maxPriorityFeePerGas , gas , value , data , nonce , chainId , accessList , type

nvm solved it by adding couple gas parameter

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for anybody else reading this, use an earlier build of foundry/cast. As of time of writing, the latest nightly build sends a random input field, which errors out the service.

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same, were you able to solve this issue

I get the same issue, if someone could give me an example of adding gas parameters that would be great :wink:
Also I am not sure how I could got to an earlier build of cast, when I tried that the install script just failed

this is the parameter that i add

--value 0 --gas-limit 1000000 --gas-price 20000000000