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Any hints about where to look to begin this machine, Thanks

All what I have is 2 users in that system… In a couple of hours :sweat_smile:

gnt48 - could you message me about how you found the users

I have basically nothing after several hours

Try to enum entire webpage. Check ssl-certificate. There is something hidden.

I guess it’s time to learn about Active Directory Methodology :melting_face:

Can’t find path to user.

I get foothold and some credentials but i can’t find the file i want.

a nudge is welcome :slight_smile:

Did you already get a shell? Did you find credentials for the da****** as d*_a****?

I didn’t get shell yet.

But got the credential for d*_a****.

You can find an e*** in one p** file.


should i guess another vhost’s folder or that p** file locates in the same webapp?

Can someone give me a hint about entry point? Only name of service… I can told what was done and mb some hint where did I screw up?)

hey could I message you about user? I have a few credentials, but I’ve reached an impass

can anyone confirm the SQLI is a dead end?

This poor machine keeps freezing on me. Guess it’s the new hotness.

need help on foooothold!!!
got somethin in cert

i get LAPS Password but is not working can someone send me a tip ?

i made it rooted: great machine

@binho1337 can I ask you a question about user?

sure, dm me :smiley:

it wont let me for some reason