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bro i get that you are struggling and want to figure out this thing
but i think posting heavy spoilers on the forums is not the way to go :sweat_smile:

In worst case scenario you can save it as msg and then open it with whatever email client you like (ex: Thunderbird).
But you have to cleanup a bit the code otherwise it won’t parse the html file corrently in the email

Struggling with root. Someone able to help in dm? i know what i want to do, just that the syntax is off.

A little confused now

sudo -l gives
User c********** may run the following commands on snoopy:
(s**********) PASSWD: [PATH/ COMMAND]

but when I try to run a right command

[sudo] password for c**********:
Sorry, user c********* is not allowed to execute [PATH/ COMMAND] as s************ on snoopy.htb.

What do I wrong? Can zomeone PM with a nudge?


if you run sudo -l, do you see a RegEx in the command?

I solved the challenge but the points didn’t add to my profile .
can anyone explain to me why

Read the required syntax carefully :wink:

Anyone available for a DM on the initial foothold? I’ve spent some time working at a few possible avenues in and just want to make sure I’m on the right track with one of them.

Hey, you can DM me.

if you are talking about seasonal points, its because the box is seasonal only for a week from its release then becomes a regular one
for completion points, it might take a while for you to see the changes to your profile

I had this error too when using the release version. Checking our a fresh copy from github worked for me.

can someone please help me with the root part ?
that ^debug command killing me , i cant find a way ,its keep asking for a password ,while it shouldn’t i guess

Yeah, I’m stuck on the same part… If it allowed other flags on the command, I know how to root it, but I’m not sure with that part…

Maybe a spoiler, but you really don’t need extra flags. Just search for the right exploit…

Just rooted, and this is a really interesting machine! A bit difficult for privesc, but still doable, and I definitely understand some of the hints at the beginning of this thread better now!

Can someone give me a hint for moving from c to s? I’ve been trying to use c’s ability to add a patch, but no dice. When I run my command I get a message saying that the patch has been applied cleanly, but I’m still unable to login as s. Can anyone give me some advise on what I could be missing? DMs are welcome! Thanks!

I had problems going from c to s when using the pwnbox from HTB. But when using a VPN connection and my own VM it worked instantly. And I was using the same script I created.

Check first if you can go from your user to c without being asked for a pwd

anyone got any pointers on root?

I can see the command I need to use but stuck making it do anything useful

just google for the right vulnerability