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dude, thanks dude. this is so simple and finally I got rce. thanks for this good hint

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Issue one command at a time. Piping is not supported.

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Im stuck at rev shell. I found that #{7*7} would work kind of but i didnt manage to get the rev shell payload. Plz help

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I’m stuck here too. Tried all the Rev shells from PayloadAllThethings but no luck

Same here, even msfvenom payloads and self-made binaries dont seem to work for me…

You can get a reverse shell in more ways than just executing a reverse shell script. You could try base64 encoding the command and piping that into bash after decoding. You could try uploading a webshell into a webdirectory. You could try uploading a shell script with a reverse shell inside it and executing that.

Some of these options might work, some might not. You will not get further without trying things out.


Can I dm you about root?

Can I also DM you about privesc?

Any hint for root ? I kinda know what to do but can’t seem to figure how it can be done

Hey folks, i am still working on root
I am p.o.'ed - because now that i can ssh in i actually have less privileges than i did with reverse shell.
I know why , but i what i do not yet know if it is important or not.
I am posting because i was only able to get rev shell by uploading a little Elf helper.
I tried other stuff and had no luck.
but upload ; chmod ; listen on your box and the exec the binary - worked for me.
and like i said, that rev shell has more access than ssh-ing into the box as the user.
wish me luck on root

This helped. Turns out my issues were syntax issues


sure, send me a message

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Same for me, less priv with ssh than with rev shell, know why too
I’ve identified the process to exploit but don’t know why.
Good luck !


Any tips for the SS**? I think I’ve figured out the language but can’t figure out how to escape filters.

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Someone can help me to priv esc?

I’ve got further on the PrivEsc after some sleep, but I’m struggling to get this last piece working. I think I know what I need to do, I just can’t figure out how to “execute” it.

EDIT: I can now read files as root, but can’t get any sort of shell. Anyone able to help me out with that?

I found a process but, don’t know is it right track. Is ja* file right track for priv esc?

I tried different approaches but I’m also stuck on privilege escalation

DM me