Official Pollution Discussion

Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate that. You can send it in my dm

you already got into the maria db right?
you just can’t get into the api?

i have admin access to the api and also redis-cli auth

i dont have a foothold yet as i’m not on the server, just at the admin developer api endpoint. The mysql is afterwards, i guess.

please can anyone help? I am trying my best here.

at what point are you right now?

I’m having issues to abuse the exposed post to get admin. Could someone help me out please?

i cannot use cookie and token for access admin web page
plz DM me.

plz DM me.

Finally got user via RCE thru internal port…
stuck at api for a long time (already changed role). dont know how to server enum or push file via pollution_api.

Hello! I don’t know exactly where you are. Tell me the steps with screen shots and PM me. Thanks.

thanks. already rooted.
i just used pollution_api for foothold & root, but not for user.
(after get shell, use an internal service to privesc to another user)