Official Pod Diagnostics Discussion

Official discussion thread for Pod Diagnostics. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Could some one give me some hint plz? Just don’t have any idea

any hints here plz ?

I need hint! Anybody, please

First thanks to the creator of the challenge, that was really hard lol.

Apparently there are two ways to solve this challenge, I believe that one is unintentional reading the flag before going through the other steps.

The first part is necessary to find a vulnerability that will be triggered in the PDF, after that find the vulnerability in the other service, the source code of the challenge indicates all the ways to follow. With proper access, you will be able to input data into the application, so again, the source code will guide you.

Mabey there is an unexcept solution, how can I contact to the author

Wow, this challenge almost murdered me, but is very interesting. The details of the last step were quite a revelation about one popular framework.

I see mentions of an unintended solution, if anyone is willing to drop me a PM about it, I would be grateful.

And thanks to the author of the challenge!