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Maybe it’s not directly available? A Python oneliner and commands available on the box and you should be able to get it there if you want.

but … if you type ls -la, can you see chisel? if not is because maybe you need to upload this binary from your box. :slight_smile: Not all the tools are on the victim box.

Well, Finally I got this machine. I cannot imagine what is it a medium or hard box :smiley: The L**** part was not easy but with a little help I can do something. I needed a nudge in the last part of foothold. Nice part. Thanks for the tip of PIN.

The part of user in my opinion is not an easy part. Not for the complexity of what you have to do. It is a bit hard about the knowledge you require to get this part.

The root part is easier than others but as usual you need a bit of imagination to figure out that. thanks for the tip “root is closer home”

I learn many interesting things in here. Thanks

I’m clueless of what just happened. First time I accessed the website it sent me directly to the upload page but after a while reading stuff I tried to access again and suddenly theres a whole new page that wasnt shown to me before (without having any interaction with the website in the meantime). Any idea of what was wrong??

Due to many users accessing the box simultaneously and due to the nature of the methods intended to exploit the box, it’s possible to see “effects” on how the site behaves/looks to the user, especially if some user changes the initial layout/behaviour of the website on the box. You can also take this as a nudge if you are trying to figure out how to get a foothold on the box.

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you!!