Official LoveTok Discussion

Can’t figure out where the flag is… I’m starting feeling stupid xD any advice?

Edit: done, i need more sleep probably

really simple challenge!
don’t waste your time on hard tricks.
just look which input you can control and try to bypass something.

The challenge is not easy, for people like me who do not know php very well it is complicated since there are certain parameters that I did not know existed, such as &… but it is really easy if you know php or at least understand something … It was still fun if anyone needs help they can write to me at discord:Bryan_2555#9878

I didn’t know this thread was alive too :flushed:
LoveTok was my third webhack, an easy one for people who already know php

I had never used php before, so it was very hard to think of something, I ended up seeing many things until I discovered that little secret, and also made a makeshift webshell days later just to say to myself it wasn’t that hard

If anyone need help, R is always here :heart:

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