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I am a complete noob to this so I found root very hard (basically i’ve done maybe 3 boxes before this one, I have no idea what I am doing). I now have a bit of a process I will go through when I first get on a box, because I assume root was very easy for anyone with half a brain cell (unlike me).

Don’t beat yourself over it lol, it all comes with experience. This was actually a pretty good machine for beginners cause it covers the basics for Linux privilege escalation, but it’s only easy if you’ve done something similar to it before.

Managed to get user after modifying my google search per some suggestions. Funny how it was staring me in the face and needed some prodding. Root on the other hand is escaping me atm. I’m pretty new to this and know the command I need to run but after reading of the docs for it I am having trouble getting root. If anyone can DM me a nudge it would be greatly appreciated. I know it also staring me in the face but I don’t see it.

Any help for Foothold? Been trying for a couple of hours to no avail.

Thank you for the box MrKN16H.
Foothold/User: I hate to repeat what everyone else has said here but it really is as simple as identifying the abnormal version of something and doing a bunch of research. Once you find the door some nice people made it really easy for you. And yes I believe them to be Chinese.
Root: Read the large help file. Once you see the command you can use, make sure you keep in mind the language it is written in.
PM me fore nudges if you’d like.

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Finally rooting I was blocked for the foothold because my google skill is lousy.
Root is very easy
PM for help

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Spot on.
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Easy but nice box:) Here are some hints :smile:

-Foothold : look at http headers, maybe a vulnerable service is present ?

-Privesc : the easiest part, just look at what this tool can do.

Rooted, the foothold was the hardest part, PM for help

Happy to see a box rated as ‘Easy’ actually living up to it’s grade.
Foothold was new to me, so glad to have that in my future toolbox. Thanks!

Unable to start machine!~ everytime showing an error occurred.

Need help with root part, i think i missed something, but need help

Got root this morning. I was way overthinking it. Depending on how far you are into this fun I suggest not overthinking it. Read the docs on what you learn you can do. Memory is still fresh and in hind sight I went down rabbit holes that didn’t need going down. If you need a nudge PM.

Anybody have issues using s**? I chmod’d the file as per usual but no luck.

I tried the s** route as well and gave up pretty quickly. Found while it would be nice and stable didn’t need it.

Wow, that was easier than I anticipated. User took me 30mins but root was a little trickier. Overall

  1. Foothold → enumerate machine and all services running – google it!
  2. User → with foothold You have everything You need.
  3. Root → try basic privesc to find something “edgy”

Thanks’ for the box MrKN16H
Feel free to PM me for nudges!

Rooted nice little box.

Foothold/User: check everything don’t leave any stone unturned. Eventually you’ll find the crack in the system
Root: basic enumeration

Thanks for the box!

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I tried the s** route as well and gave up pretty quickly. Found while it would be nice and stable didn’t need it.

Yeah now I’m reading up on the food making process, I’ve narrowed it down, I think I’m close.

Finally gain root access !!!
All the hints are already given in this forum… But if you are stuck, feel free to PM me, I will help you with pleasure without spoiling…


root@knife # ```

Overall a very _very_ beginner friendly box - which I think is why the ratings are the way they are. Could the foothold have been more difficult? For sure.

## User
I got a little lost in bad habits from prior boxes. Once I reached a dead end I had to go back to the drawing board after which finding the vulnerable piece of the puzzle and your key is not hard at all.

####number one tip is to make sure to consider *all layers* of the attack surface.

## Root
Your nose should pick up a scent after some very very basic enumeration within your user shell. Either manual or automated testing will lead you to something that can be used to your advantage,

Google + documentation reading is your friend here. Think of what will benefit you the most and figure out how to (ab)use it. **Hint: a full TTY is handy here**.

Feel free to P.M. for nudges! GL :)