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■■■■ it, im gonna reset

Hey guys, I am at the part where I need to manually edit the yml file but everytime I run nano or vim, I will try to use the directional keys to go down and it just writes over it, or if I try to get out of it, it just writes over it, Like the keyboard is off or something… So when I ctrl +c or x it literally spits me out of the connection. What is going on? how did ya’ll edit the file without it acting cookoo! smh, HELP!

Rooted! Well, kind of. Got the flag, but no root access.

Is it possible to get a root shell?

It was a fun box. Struggled a little bit in the user part, but I enjoyed the journey.

got root flag but couldn’t get root shell, can someone that completed it after the unintended way patch explain it to me (in a private message ofc)?

You can DM me

@hackthebox please check it
Am only getting this error ??

Can anyone help me, I’ve been stuck for hours trying to get the reverse shell but for some reason it’s not generating the shell, I’ve tried several ways, none of them worked

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create table first then try the reverse shell

I got the p******* shell.
But the reverse shell disconnects after about a minute or so.
WHY ??? If anyone knows, please let me know.

Hi, I had similar issue. My workaround was that I created a cron job with reverse shell via crontab -e . Its quick and doable during short connection lifespan.

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Hi, I can’t use the token found wich allow normally to connect to jupiter notebooks. Someone had the same problem ?