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i tried to access /admin using my token but it gave me {“error”:“Unauthorized”}

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does the account data return admin set to 1?

no 0 so if we managed to return 1 we’ll be an admin.

I have some hashes. Hope they crack

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have tried to crack’em. No luck so far

bruh where you guys finding hashes :smiling_face_with_tear:

the hashes seem not crackable though. bcrypt

Ya I’ve moved on to other enumeration

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There are other ways to use a hash


Yeah no luck until now either. Really cool looking box from what it looks like atm :wink:

ifs still a possibility but yea most likely its something else

where is everyone finding these hashes? Any hints pls

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I still trying to find where is everyone getting the hashes D:

I found where to use the hashes you found but I can’t seem to dumpe the hashes.

Anyone had any luck messing with the decoded values for the JWT?





Exchange notes? I can dump the hashes but can’t seem to find what to do with them

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