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Getting an Internal Error 500 is to be expected as pointed out by a previous user. What exactly have you tried doing?

I was struggling to get a foothold with the default payload. Using a different one worked for me then.

Someone can help me pls !! I tested the payload it work for touch a file, so the rce is working, but any curl, wget or other isn’t working ?! i cant get a foothold ?? HELP !!!

hey do you know how to solve this
ssh is not working for me even if i give the correct password

like i upload a file, then execute it but i dont have the reverse shell ?!

Sometimes the machine won’t let you connect by ssh and you will need to use “su ” inside a shell :smiling_face:

got it and it worked thank you :+1: :+1: :innocent: :innocent:

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My yml files delete and don’t run. any advice?

Pawned it!!! This has become one of my favorite challenges. If anybody needs a nudge, just DM me.